Parents and Childcare Providers

If you pay an important role in the life of a child, we want to support you! You’ll find an assortment of resources here for teaching kids about good nutrition, increasing their level of physical activity, and teaching mindfulness, focus and emotional control – all free to download and use.

We add new resources frequently – so check back often!


Activities That Get Kids Moving and Build Hand-Eye Coordination: Great ideas to get kids moving!
Check out this collection of fun activities that get kids moving & build hand-eye coordination in kids of various ages and skill levels.
Read more…

Let’s Get Kids Moving! Resources that inspire kids to get more exercise.
Creating a habit of regular physical exercise is one of the best ways we can help our kids grow into happy, healthy adults. Here are some ideas to get kids moving!

Indoor Snow Day Activities for Restless Kids: Great ideas to get kids moving!
When the weather outside is frightful, these activities are great for restless kids & require materials you might already have on hand! Read more…

The House That Jumping Jacks Built: The difference between exercise, physical activity & fitness.
Kids and adults need to understand the difference between physical activity and exercise, and how important they both are to their overall fitness. Read more…


Are You Building Your Body with Straw, Sticks or Bricks: A free nutrition lesson for kids.
Using the tale of the Three Little Pigs is a fun way to teach kids about healthy food! Download today

Inspire Kids to Choose Healthy Foods: Nutrition resources for kids.
As parents, how can we give kids the knowledge and motivation to make healthy choices when they aren’t at home, and for the rest of their lives?

Fun Activities that Teach Kids About Good Nutrition: Nutrition activities for kids.
Healthy food, gives kids a greater ability to engage with what is being taught. How can parents & educators influence better nutrition for their students? Here are a few ideas...

How to Get Kids Excited About Good Nutrition: Better nutrition for our kids.
In a room full of growing bodies and malleable minds, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start down the path of nutrition towards healthier eating. Here are some good ideas...


Peace Breath: A free mindfulness exercise for kids.
Help kids learn how to manage stress and frustration, and feel an immediate sense of peace and calm with this simple exercise. Download today

Is Your Mind Full or Are You Mindful? How mindfulness can help our kids.
Mindfulness is a positive activity for kids because it helps them learn to reduce stress. There are dozens of ways for kids to practice mindfulness in schools or at home. Here are a few ideas...

Chill Out: Help kids deal with stress & anxiety.
As parents & teachers, we can make a huge difference in the lives of kids by teaching them skills that will set them up for a lifetime of healthy emotional management. Here are a few ideas...

Resources to Help Kids Manage Difficult Emotions: Mindfulness exercises that support emotional management.
Teaching kids mindfulness exercises is an excellent way to cultivate deepened awareness, concentration, empathy and insight. Here are 3 exercises to try today …

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